About Every Last Crumb

An apron is just a CAPE on backwards…


Mika here, founder and creative head at Every Last Crumb. I’d like to tell you a little bit about Every Last Crumb Cakery and how a livelong passion for food and all the good things in life turned into opening my own little cakery.

Ok, here’s a little spill about myself 🙂  I’m head baker, culinary master mind or simply, I’m the one that enjoys combining a few ingredients and create something extraordinary in the Every Last Crumb Kitchen Head Quarter in Stanmore.  A Trainer & Assessor by trade; I moved to Sydney in November 2010 and after working for a privately owned training organisation for the first 6 years, I finally gave in, followed my Mama’s footsteps and made an apron my corporate outfit.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in the Hinterland of Munich (in the ♥ of Bavaria); I learned from early days what it means to appreciate produce and most importantly the amount of work that goes into planting, growing and harvesting your own fruit and vegetables. The difference in taste between mass produced or home grown fruit, vegetables and dairy is hard to ignore and from the bottom of my heart I thank my parents for making me work hard when I was younger. I may never would have developed the same appreciation for produce otherwise.

Danke Mama & Papa ❤

Back to Every Last Crumb; after struggling to find cakes and other savory treats for friends that met my expectations on taste, decoration and quality ingredients I decided there was a gap in the market that I wanted to fill.  Inspired by Mama’s recipes, (yes Mammy has her very own baking business and please don’t ask me how many cakes I had to re-do because they weren’t up to Mammy’s standard..) and my love for the amazing Australian produce I took a leap of faith and launched my own little cakery, Every Last Crumb in July 2016.

What sets Every Last Crumb Cakery apart, honestly… taste. I am passionate about delicious, wholesome cakes, made in my kitchen with love. I absolutely love making food from scratch focusing on using less sugary and processed and more local whole ingredients.  I also love experimenting with new ingredients that I find along the way. Every Last Crumb Cakery  prides itself in making cakes the way they were supposed to be;  evolving classic recipes, to perfection inspired so you’ll happily eat every last crumb!

For the love of Cake – simple as that!

Mika x

We pride ourselves in making cakes the way they were supposed to be;
Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients inspired to perfection so you’ll happily eat every last crumb!