Our Cakes – Fabulous & Unique

A party without CAKE is just a meeting..!! 

I have a passion for creating cakes of outstanding taste and excellence that really will wow your eyes and taste buds.  Each cake is custom designed to reflect personal preferences and style, creating individual works of art beautiful masterpieces.

Please call us on 0451 122 525 or email through Order your cake online to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

For the love of Cake – Simple as that!

Mika x

MAN Truck Cake
Vanilla Sponge / Red Wine Cake / Chocolate Ganache Filling / Dark Choc Ganache
Mini Fruit Flan
Short Crust Pastry / Vanilla Custard / Seasonal Fruit / Choc Drizzle
Three Tiered Wedding Cake
Three Tiered Wedding Cake
Giant Strawberry
Vanilla Sponge / White Choc Ganache / Fresh Strawberries / Fondant Cover (made by James @ Val-Torta Creations)
Two Tiered Bridal Shower Cake
Almond Sponge / White Choc Ganache / Fresh Raspberries / Pistachios / Fresh Flowers
Orange & Almond Upside Down Cake
Almond Cake / Cointreau Soaked Oranges / Pistachios / Fresh Flowers
B52 Birthday Cake
Dark Choc Brownie base / Orange Sponge / Kahlua Creme / Vodka / Choc Ganache
No 1 Birthday Cake
Hazelnut Sponge / Nougat Mousse / White Choc Ganache / Lollies
100&1000 Baby Shower Cake
Hazelnut Sponge / Mascarpone creme / Fresh Blueberries / Chocolate Decoration / 100&1000
Espresso Martini Cake
Dark Choc Brownie base / Kahlua Creme / Vodka / Choc Coffee Beans
Ocean Themed Birthday Cake
Hazelnut base / Peanut-butter Cream / Peanut Praline
B52 Birthday Cake
Dark Choc Brownie base / Orange Sponge / Kahlua Creme / Choc Ganache
No Thanks Cake
Hazelnut Sponge / Nougat Mousse / Hazelnut and Pistachio Praline
No 3 Birthday Cake
Vanilla Sponge / Cookies & Cream Buttercream / Lollies
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Hazelnut Sponge / Nougat Mousse / Dark Choc Mousse / Ferrero Rocher / Pistachio
White Choc & Raspberry
Almond Base / White Chocolate Ganache / Fresh Raspberries (GF)
Sydney FC Rum & Coke Cupcakes / Buttercream Icing
Polenta, Almond & Pistachio Cake / Creme Fraiche / Dark Choc (GF)
Hazelnut and Prosecco Cake
Hazelnut base / Prosecco Mascarpone Creme / Fresh Strawberries and Almond Flakes (GF)
Three Tiered Wedding Cake
Hazelnut Base / Prosecco and Blueberry Mascarpone Creme / Fresh Blueberries / Pistachios / Flowers
Dark Choc Cheesecake
Brownie Base / Dark Choc Cheesecake / Dark Choc Ganache / Lollies (GF)
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Hazelnut base / Nougat Mousse / Ferrero Rocher / Pistachios / Rose Petals / Roses
Pistachio & Prosecco Cake
Hazelnut Base / Pistachio Mascarpone Creme / Fresh Strawberries (GF)
No Egg Choc Cake
No Egg Dark Choc Brownie Base / Mascarpone Creme / Fresh Fruit (GF)
Zebra Cake
Choc and Vanilla Sponge / Dark Choc Aero Mousse / Fresh Strawberries / Almond Flakes
Prosecco & Blueberry Cake
Almond Base / Prosecco and Elderflower Mascarpone Creme / Fresh Blueberries (GF)
Wests Tigers Footy
Hazelnut base / Choc and Orange Buttercream / Dark Choc Ganache / Fondant Cover (made by the fabulous James @ Val-Torta Creations)

Three tiered Wedding Cake (GF)

Raspberry Charlotte
Vanilla Sponge / Yoghurt & Raspberry Creme / Fresh Raspberries / Raspberry Coulis / Sponge Finger
Black Forest Gateau
Chocolate Sponge / Morello Cherries / Cream / Cherry Schnaps / Chocolate Shavings
Victoria Sponge
Vanilla Sponge / Cream / Strawberry Coulis / Fresh Strawberries
Three Heart Wedding Cake
Vanilla Sponge / Vanilla Custard / Fresh Strawberries / Strawberry Coulis / Flaked Almonds / Marzipan Banner and Flowers
Giant Lamington
Vanilla Sponge / Cream / Dark Choc Ganache / Coconut Shavings (GF)
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Hazelnut Sponge / Nougat Mousse / Ferrero Rocher / Pistachios

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