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Chocolate Deluxe (GF)
$80  – Round 8″ (10-12 servings)
$95 – Round 10″ (16-20 servings)

Chocolate Cheesecake that sits on a brownie base, topped with dark Chocolate Ganache. A divine, irresistibly smooth yet rich chocolate cheesecake for when you need that bit of decadence in your life!

Fancy bit of a twist? Try Jaffa Extravaganza.. our Choc Cheesecake with a hint of orange to give it that refreshing summer touch.

*contains egg/dairy/pistachio

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Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest Gateau 
$85  – Round 8″ (10-12 servings)

A traditional German celebration cake that has been around since the 16th century and one of the best known cakes in Germany and perhaps the world.
Our Black Forest Gateau consists of three fluffy chocolate sponge layers topped with “boozy” Morello cherries and is filled with heavenly divine “Kirschwasser” cream.  It is frosted with whipped cream and covered with chocolate shavings and “Kirschwasser” soaked cherries for a that little bit extra flavor.

*contains egg/dairy/gluten/cherry schnapps

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Baked Mandarin & Sour Cream Cheesecake
$75 – Round 8″ (10-12 servings)
$90 – Round 10″ (16-20 servings)
$90 – Square (16-20 servings)

The most deliciously moist and tangy cake you’ll eat this summer! Sweet short pastry filled with sour cream and topped with juicy mandarins.  It will give you an explosion of flavours tantalising your taste buds,  always leaving you craving more.

*contains wheat/egg/dairy/almonds

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Watermelon & Rosewater Cake (GF)
$85 – Small (12-16 servings)
$95 – Large (16-20 servings)

A little twist to the classic recipe with our tasty hazelnut sponge, this refreshing cake is light & juicy and perfect on a hot summer day.

*contains egg/dairy/hazelnut/pistachio

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Carrot & Beetroot Cake
  $75 – Round  8″ (10-12 servings)
$90 – Round 10″ (16-20 servings)
$90 – Square (16-20 servings)

The “Aston Martin” of carrot cakes. Dig into a mouth-watering flavour combination that will keep you longing for more. Fresh carrot and beetroot, walnuts and a mix of cheeky spices is the secret to take a traditional recipe to another level. Topped with a tangy lime icing, this is seriously one of the most decadent carrot cakes you will ever come across.

*contains wheat/egg/dairy/walnuts

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Dark Choc & Almond Brownie (GF)
$85 – Square (15 servings)

Not just any brownie though and all credit goes to my beautiful friend Rachel;  These are super gooey, irresistibly moist and oh so full of chocolate flavor and I promise these are unlike any brownies you’ve ever tried.  Plus, they are gluten-free!  Mainly because we absolutely love working with ground almonds. Almond meal is the perfect way to balance the sweetness of sugar and to make calories worth the while as it is incredibly delicious and lifts a simple choc brownie to a whole new level. Walnuts added for that little extra texture and decadence.

*contains egg/dairy/almonds/walnuts

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Orange & Almond

 Orange & Almond upside down Cake (GF)
$80 – Round 8″ (10-12 servings)
$95 – Round 10″ (16-20 servings)

$95 – Square (16-20 servings)

Almond and orange is a classic flavor combination that never gets old and this has to be one of my all time favorite gluten-free cakes. Ground whole almonds and orange zest are incorporated into the cake batter and topped with sliced oranges. Leaving the skin on the orange slices keeps them in shape and adds a lovely bittersweet flavor.

*contains: egg/dairy/almonds/orange zest/Cointreau

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IMG_3955 (2)

$75 – Small – (10-12 servings)
$90 – Large  – (16-20 servings)

Our national dessert and named after the beautiful ballerina Anna Pavloa this heavenly light pav is the perfect treat any day really.
Enjoy the crisp meringue on the outside and a gooey, marshmallow(ey) centre, topped with scented cream and fresh fruit until every last crumb is gone 🙂

*contains: egg/dairy/seasonal fruit

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Ferrero Rocher Tower

Ferrero Rocher Cake
$80 – Round 8″ – three layers (10-12 servings)
$95 – Round 10″ – three layers (16-20 servings)

Taking a popular holiday treat to the next level with this Ferrero Rocher Cake. A tasty hazelnut sponge filled with a divine and irresistibly fluffy dark chocolate mousse.

*contains wheat/egg/dairy/hazelnut

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  $75 – Round  9″ (12-16 servings)
$90 – Square (16-20 servings)

Nowhere near as painful as it sounds.. “Bienenstich” is a traditional Bavarian cake found in every cafe in and around Munich. Beesting consists of a Brioche style yeast dough topped with caramelised flaked almonds and filled with  lush vanilla custard.

*contains wheat/yeast/egg/dairy/almonds

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